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Apocrita Workshop

We held a 2-hour HPC workshop last Friday, December 15th. We arranged an agenda in coordination with the research student at QMUL, Peter Alexander Lock. It covered the generalities of Linux, accessing Apocrita, submitting jobs, and HPC commands.

Modules Update December 2023

Since the last module update in December 2022, we have:

  • added/moved 61 modules to production
  • added 2 modules to the development environment
  • deprecated 3 modules
  • deleted 12 modules

Let's talk about Linux and High Performance Computing

On November 15th, our HPC team organised an event called “Let’s talk about Linux and HPC”, which focused on giving an overview of HPC at QMUL. The conference was open to the public and published on Eventbrite.

Approximately 30 people were in attendance between organisers and online or onsite attendees that came to our 2-hour event in the Engineering building at the Mile End campus. During the conference, attendees shared opinions, thoughts and suggestions for future workshops dealing with Linux, Ubuntu and setting up scripts in more detail. They were able to express themselves with the help of mentimeter.

R Workflow

Nowadays, there seems to be an R package for anything and everything. While this makes starting a project in R seem quick and easy, there are considerations to take into account that will make your life easier in the long run.

Keeping Files Tidy

Files quickly proliferate and need to be kept tidy. It is important that the correct people can access the files, and file systems are well-structured for easy navigation.

A Large Scale Ancestry Study | Living with Machines

Living with Machines is a funded project at The Alan Turing Institute (aka the Turing), bringing together academics from different disciplines, to answer research questions such as how did historical newspapers tell the political landscape, how were accidents in factories reported, how did road and settlement names change, how did people change occupations during the industrial revolution...