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Modules Update December 2023

Since the last module update in December 2022, we have:

  • added/moved 61 modules to production
  • added 2 modules to the development environment
  • deprecated 3 modules
  • deleted 12 modules

The following 61 module files have been added or moved to production:

Application Name Application Version Set as Default?
alphafold 2.3.2 Yes
anaconda3 2023.03 Yes
ansys 2023R2 Yes
castep 23.1-intel Yes
cellranger 7.1.0 Yes
colmap 3.8-gpu Yes
comsol 6.0 Yes
cp2k 2023.1 Yes
cp2k 2023.1-avx512 No
cst_studio 2022 No
cst_studio 2023 Yes
cuda 11.8.0 Yes
cuda 12.0.0 No
cuda 12.2.1 No
cudnn 8.8.1-cuda12 No
cudnn 8.9.4-cuda12.2 No
dua 2.20.1 Yes
fsl 6.0.4 Yes
git 2.39.2 Yes
gromacs 2022.2-gpu No
gromacs 2022.2-intelmpi Yes
hdf5 1.14.1-2 No
hdf5 1.14.1-2-nv No
imagemagick 7.1.1-6 Yes
isaac-aligner Yes
jags 4.3.1 Yes
jags 4.3.2 No
java 1.8.0_382-openjdk No
java 11.0.20-openjdk No
java 20.0.2 No
lammps-gpu 2Aug2023-ampere Yes
lammps-gpu 2Aug2023-volta No
lammps 2Aug2023 Yes
libsodium 1.0.19 Yes
macaulay2 1.21 Yes
maple 2023 Yes
mathematica 13.2.1 Yes
matlab 2023a Yes
meshlab 2022.02 Yes
nanopore_guppy 6.5.7 Yes
neovim 0.8.3 No
neovim 0.9.0 Yes
nextflow 22.10.4 Yes
nvtools 1.0.0 Yes
openssl 1.1.1s Yes
orca 5.0.3 Yes
postgres 15.1 Yes
python 3.10.7 No
qctool 2.2.0 Yes
R 4.2.2 Yes
R 4.2.2-gcc10 No
relion 4.0-gpu No
shapeit5 5.1.1 Yes
starccm 2302.0001-R8 Yes
stata 18 No
tensorRT No
vasp 6.3.1-gpu-hdf5 No
vasp 6.3.1-hdf5 No
vasp 6.4.0 No
vasp 6.4.0_wannier90 No
vasp 6.4.2 Yes

The following 2 module files have been added to the development environment:

Application Name Application Version
julia 1.9.4
python 3.11.6

The following 3 module files have been deprecated:

Application Name Application Version
bwa-mem2 2.2.1
fastqc 0.11.8
starccm 2210.0001-R8

The following 12 module files have been deleted:

Application Name Application Version
fsl 6.0.4
git 2.34.4
gurobi 9.1.2
java 1.8.0_121-oracle
java 1.8.0_152-oracle
java 1.8.0_171-oracle
java 1.8.0_241-oracle
java 11.0.2
cp2k 5.1-openmpi-nxn
cp2k 6.1.0-nxn
dl_poly 4.08-openmpi-gcc-nxn
maple 2020

All ppc64le modules were deleted as the ppc64 nodes were retired.