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Update of environment modules to version 5.3.0

We have deployed the latest version of Environment Modules (5.3.0) across the cluster on all frontend and compute nodes.

A summary of changes introduced in this version:

  • Added stash, stashpop, stashlist, stashshow, stashclear and stashrm sub-commands to save, restore and manipulate your current environment:
    • stash - saves and resets your environment
    • stashpop - restores then removes the stashed collection
    • stashshow - displays information about the stashed collection
    • stashclear - deletes all stashed collections
    • stashlist - lists all stashed collections
    • stashrm - deletes a stashed collection.
  • Updated the output of the module avail command. Now, default module versions are underscored, rather than appending (default) to the module name. If you prefer to see the old style output, you can use the --color=never option to the module avail command.
  • Added save, restore, saveshow, savelist, is-saved and saverm sub-commands to manipulate your collections:
    • save [collection|file] - saves the current module list to a collection or file
    • restore [collection|file] - restores the module list from a collection or file
    • saverm [collection] - removes the saved collection
    • saveshow [collection|file] - displays information about a saved collection
    • savelist - lists all or matching saved collections
    • is-saved [collection ...] - tests if the collection exists

We anticipate there will be no issues with loading and using modules. Job scripts will not need any modifications. Please contact us if you experience any issues.