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Modules Update December 2022

Since the last module update in December 2021, we have:

  • added/moved 84 modules to production
  • added 9 modules to the development environment
  • deprecated 5 modules
  • deleted 12 modules

Migrating to a new research storage system

As the current 2 PetaByte Research Data Storage on Apocrita reaches end of life this summer, we have procured a new storage system, providing 5PB of capacity. This means faster, bigger and cheaper storage for you, the researcher! Read on to discover the benefits...but first, an important notice.

Modules Update December 2021

Since the last module update in December 2019, we have:

  • added/moved 48 modules to production
  • added 20 modules to the development environment
  • deprecated 12 modules
  • deleted 4 modules

ITS Research FAQ regarding use of services during COVID-19 pandemic

As a result of the large-scale shift to remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been asked various questions relating to computational research, which we'll try to address below. We've seen an increase in the number of new account requests for the HPC service, and we realise there will be quite a few users wishing to run workloads on the cluster for the first time. Fortunately, the design of the HPC cluster service means that for many of you, your workflow may remain the same as when you were based on-campus.

Simplification of parallel queues on Apocrita

We are simplifying the way that the multi-node parallel jobs are run on the cluster.

Currently, users wishing to run multi-node MPI jobs on the public queues must choose beforehand whether to run on the nxv parallel nodes or the sdv parallel nodes, and to configure the job accordingly for the number of cores on each type of node.

Cluster update summary

As part of our commitment to providing stable and manageable systems, here is a round-up of some recent updates we have been working on behind the scenes: