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Introducing Sherman Lo, RSE

Hello! I am Sherman and I have just joined the RSE team at Queen Mary. Glad to meet you all!

My background is in computational statistics and machine learning. I have completed projects in rainfall prediction, defect detection for 3D printing and Markov chains using Monte Carlo. These projects involved collaboration with various scientists, such as meteorologists, engineers and statisticians.

File Permissions

An understanding of file permissions is important to the success of computational jobs, and the security of your files.

The default settings are suitable for some, but not every use-case: without sufficient awareness, your files may be visible to people who should not be able to access them, and vice-versa.

Modules Update December 2021

Since the last module update in December 2019, we have:

  • added/moved 48 modules to production
  • added 20 modules to the development environment
  • deprecated 12 modules
  • deleted 4 modules