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Home and Group Directories

During the summer, home directories were migrated to the new storage platform. This means that quotas have grown slightly as the underlying block size has increased.

in news, Sep 15, 2018

Deprecated modules

We removed some problematic module files. Please check your job scripts for use of these modules:

in news, Sep 15, 2018

Short queue

Please note that frontend/login nodes are for preparing and submitting your job scripts and running computational tasks directly on the frontend nodes is forbidden, since it can impai...

in news, Sep 15, 2018

Decommissioning of ccn nodes

The ccn nodes have been removed to make way for the new sdv nodes. The nodes were very old, had become unreliable, and were an inefficient use of space and power.

in news, Apr 05, 2018

Deprecated openmpi 2.0.2-gcc module

We identified a problem with the openmpi/2.0.2-gcc module and have removed it as the correct interface was not being used for the MPI communication between nodes. This resulted in pot...

in modules, Apr 05, 2018

New cluster announcement

We are pleased to announce that the new cluster is available for general use. This has been a large project, involving the following:

in news, Jul 11, 2017

Midplus Consortium

The Midlands Plus consortium have now deployed a new 14,000 core cluster, located in Loughborough. You can hear more about this from your local institution.

in news, Jul 11, 2017

Python performance in containers

Singularity is a container solution designed for HPC. Due to the secure and simple design, it can be easily used to provide applications for use with HPC clusters where other containe...

in article, Jul 03, 2017

1PB added storage

We recently added an additional petabyte of storage, it is necessary to move all files to the new storage to benefit from improved performance.

in news, Mar 20, 2017