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What is the ITSR RSE team?

ITS Research has a Research Software Engineering team. This post introduces the team and how it supports research in Queen Mary University of London. You can also see how to contact t...

in rse, Dec 10, 2018

Cluster Hardware Upgrades and Additions

As part of our commitment to regular upgrades to the HPC service, and to keep up with ever-growing demand, we are pleased to announce the addition of new hardware to the Apocrita HPC ...

in news, Dec 04, 2018

Development modules update

We have moved the following modules from dev to deprecated:

in modules, Nov 29, 2018

GitHub Enterprise Upgrade 2.15

On Wednesday 2018-11-21 at 14:00 we will be applying an upgrade to our GitHub Enterprise instance to version 2.15.2, which includes bug fixes and the latest security updates.

in news, Nov 19, 2018

AI tools

For the increasing number of Researchers working with Deep Learning technologies, we also have the existing GPU nodes attached to Apocrita.Tensorflow is available, and we are working ...

in news, Sep 15, 2018

AI tools

QMUL have access to powerful Tier 2 (formerly known as Regional) HPC resources, predominantly for EPSRC researchers. If you run multi-node parallel code (using MPI, for example), you ...

in news, Sep 15, 2018

POWER servers

QMUL installed two IBM AC922 POWER 9 servers to support research into deep learning and artificial intelligence, the first of their kind in UK HE. These servers come with a suite of c...

in news, Sep 15, 2018

Home and Group Directories

During the summer, home directories were migrated to the new storage platform. This means that quotas have grown slightly as the underlying block size has increased.

in news, Sep 15, 2018

Deprecated modules

We removed some problematic module files. Please check your job scripts for use of these modules:

in news, Sep 15, 2018

Short queue

Please note that frontend/login nodes are for preparing and submitting your job scripts and running computational tasks directly on the frontend nodes is forbidden, since it can impai...

in news, Sep 15, 2018