Getting REAL with Fortran

Posted on Wed 12 June 2019 in rse by Iain Barrass

When writing a Fortran program to work with floating point numbers we have a choice between a number of representations of the real type. A compiler will offer at least two such kinds. Here we'll look at how one chooses a kind parameter for a variable.

Representing real numbers in …

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Using Ford to document Fortran programs

Posted on Wed 19 December 2018 in rse by Iain Barrass

It's important to document research software source code just as we (hopefully) provide a user guide or manual. We can write comments in our code which describe what a particular function or block of code is doing:

// In this function we take two double arguments and return their sum.
// The …

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What is the ITSR RSE team?

Posted on Mon 10 December 2018 in rse by Iain Barrass

The RSE team in ITS Research has a (small) number of research software engineers. Our aim is to support research students and staff across the university in creating, modifying and using research software.

We currently have a primary interest in research software for HPC with particular focus on Fortran and …

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