When good compilers go bad

Posted on Mon 16 December 2019 in rse by Iain Barrass

Many people rely on compilers, for languages such as C, C++ and Fortran, to create executable programs from source code. Just like our source code, compilers themselves may have bugs. In this post we look at common forms of compiler bug, with examples, and what we can do when our work is affected by such an issue.

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Getting REAL with Fortran

Posted on Wed 12 June 2019 in rse by Iain Barrass

Fortran provides a variety of intrinsic representations of real numbers. In this post we look at what these representations are and how we choose a particular representation for our work.

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Using Ford to document Fortran programs

Posted on Wed 19 December 2018 in rse by Iain Barrass

Ford is a tool which can help document Fortran source code. Here we show how to use Ford and the value of automatic documentation generation.

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What is the ITSR RSE team?

Posted on Mon 10 December 2018 in rse by Iain Barrass

ITS Research has a Research Software Engineering team. This post introduces the team and how it supports research in Queen Mary University of London. You can also see how to contact the team and why you may want to.

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