New high performance storage for scratch data

Posted on Wed 20 March 2019 in news by Peter Childs

We are pleased to announce a new scratch storage array that is based on fast NvME based hardware. This will hopefully make I/O related tasks much faster.

Scratch space is the recommended location for temporarily storing data produced by cluster jobs. We often see jobs failing on the cluster …

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NAG Fortran compiler available on Apocrita for SEF

Posted on Mon 18 March 2019 in news by Iain Barrass

The School of Economics and Finance has a departmental licence for the Fortran compiler from NAG. The compiler, release 6.2, is now available on Apocrita.

Using the compiler

The compiler is available through a module on the cluster:

$ module load nagfor/6.2-6227
$ nagfor -V
NAG Fortran Compiler Release …

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Modules Update March 2019

Posted on Mon 11 March 2019 in news by Tom Bradford

Since the last update (on 29/11/2018), we have updated the following module files:

Updates to the Production Environment

  • Added bartender 1.1 (now the default)
  • Added boost 1.68.0 (now the default)
  • Added castep 18.1-intel* (now the default)
  • Added cuda 9.0.176
  • Added cudnn 7 …

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GitHub Enterprise Upgrade 2.16

Posted on Thu 14 February 2019 in news by Tom Bradford

On Wednesday 2019-02-20 at 14:00 we will be applying an upgrade to our GitHub Enterprise instance to version 2.16.2, which includes bug fixes and the latest security updates.

The update should take around 1 hour. During that time you will not be able to perform any git …

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Retirement of legacy scratch filesystem on /data/scratch

Posted on Fri 25 January 2019 in news by Dan Whitehouse

Our infrastructure team have been busy at work preparing Apocrita for new high performance scratch storage. As part of this work we need to decommission our legacy scratch (mounted on '/data/scratch').

To check if you have files on the old scratch storage please use:

ls /data/scratch/$USER

If …

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Update of environment modules to version 4.2.1

Posted on Fri 18 January 2019 in news by Tom Bradford

We have deployed the latest version of Environment Modules (4.2.1) across the cluster on all frontend and compute nodes.

A summary of changes introduced in the latest version:

  • The output of module avail is paginated (pass --no-pager to restore legacy behaviour).
  • Output from module sub-commands are printed to …

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Christmas Closure 2018

Posted on Wed 19 December 2018 in news by Tom Bradford

Please note that due to college closure for Christmas, there will be minimal customer support after Friday 21st Dec 2018 until the college re-opens on the 2nd January 2019. Please exercise awareness of any impact your jobs may be having during this time, and practice good cluster etiquette. Any support …

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ppc64le own modules

Posted on Wed 12 December 2018 in news by Tom Bradford

You may now load private ppc64le modules after loading the use.own module on nodes with POWER9 processors. Private modules must be placed in the directory ${HOME}/privatemodules_ppc64le, which will be created if it does not exist upon loading the use.own module.

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Cluster Hardware Upgrades and Additions

Posted on Tue 04 December 2018 in news by Simon Butcher

As part of our commitment to regular upgrades to the HPC service, and to keep up with ever-growing demand, we are pleased to announce the addition of new hardware to the Apocrita HPC Cluster for the benefit of all QMUL Researchers.

The additions form part of series of exciting infrastructure …

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Development modules update

Posted on Thu 29 November 2018 in news by Tom Bradford

We have moved the following modules from dev to deprecated:

  • kraken/2.0.7
  • polyrate/17-B

The following modules have been moved from dev to production:

  • cmake/3.12.2 (now the default)
  • gcc/8.2.0
  • java/1.8.0_171-oracle (now the default)
  • java/10.0.0-oracle
  • groff/1 …

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