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RSE Team Leader. He prefers Fortran, with a background in infectious diseases

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Parameterized derived types in Fortran - introduction

User-defined data types in Fortran may have parameters which control certain aspects of their definition. In this post we look at what these parameterized types are, how they are use...

in rse, Sep 10, 2020

Apocrita says Hello, world!: basic use of our cluster

A common first program to write in a new language is a “Hello world” example where we print a simple line of output. In this tutorial we first look at examples written in C, C++ and F...

in rse, Feb 12, 2020

When good compilers go bad

Many people rely on compilers, for languages such as C, C++ and Fortran, to create executable programs from source code. Just like our source code, compilers themselves may have bugs....

in rse, Dec 16, 2019

Getting REAL with Fortran

Fortran provides a variety of intrinsic representations of real numbers. In this post we look at what these representations are and how we choose a particular representation for our w...

in rse, Jun 12, 2019

NAG Fortran compiler available on Apocrita for SEF

We have installed the NAG Fortran compiler on Apocrita for use by researchers from the School of Economics and Finance. In this post we look at how to access the compiler, why we may...

in news, Mar 18, 2019

Using Ford to document Fortran programs

Ford is a tool which can help document Fortran source code. Here we show how to use Ford and the value of automatic documentation generation.

in rse, Dec 19, 2018

What is the ITSR RSE team?

ITS Research has a Research Software Engineering team. This post introduces the team and how it supports research in Queen Mary University of London. You can also see how to contact t...

in rse, Dec 10, 2018